I'm a hungarian system administrator, dj, streamer, developer, music lover and collector.

I've been obsessed with music and technology since I was a kid and learned a lot on my own. My love for technology comes from my father's occupation at the time, as a teen I got interested in web design and that's what later got me into programming.

In high school, I studied programming and IT, currently I'm working as a sysadmin full time for Business IT Solutions. On the side I'm open for work as a dj, developer. Feel free to use the form below for any inquries.

In my free time, I like to tinker with technology. I still collect records and other physical media and restore Hi-Fi equipment.

I've also been a hobby dj for almost ten years, I was a host on two now defunct radio stations, RadioActive and DiabloRadio. Nowdays I'm streaming dj sets on twitch as part of TeamQuaravine.

Over the years, I helped out in quite few projects thanks to Discord, such as it's official translation, Discord bots, even the Hungarian Psych2Go channel. Currently I help manage the Wintergatan community, where you might find me hanging out. I had the opportunity of working on the original Marble Machine and the MMX as well and meeting the wonderful people behind the community face to face.

Here are some communities where you can find me:

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